News: Outlook: The Future of Entangled Religions (Relaunch)

Entangled Religions is planning its relaunch! The relaunch is guided by two main goals:

First, it aims at enhanced comparability between case studies. In this context, we have strengthened the journal’s focus on cases of religious contact and transfer, and introduced the requirement to draw from analytical concepts (Typology, Purity, Senses, Media, Gender, Dynamics & Stability, Immanence/Transcendence, Secret & Secrecy, or other concepts).

Second, the relaunch aims at an enhanced reading experience, featuring new functionalities for our readers. Entangled Religions will introduce advanced filter options, graphic options to display results, and options to visualize connections between individual articles.

Guided by these goals, Entangled Religions is taking several steps to implement the relaunch. We have uploaded new Author Guidelines which outline the refined requirements for contributions, expanded the information on our goals as stated in the Focus and Scope, and introduced our Guiding Concepts (as outlined in our Working Paper Series) to provide an analytical foundation for comparative discussions. As a next step, we are working to introduce technical features to allow for a more fine-grained searching and filtering of article content.