Signs of YHWH, God of the Hebrews, in New Kingdom Egypt?


  • Racheli Shalomi Hen



YHWH, toponyms, Shasu, Canaanite Gods, Anat, Baal, Astarte, Qedeshet, Reshef, Dagon, Seth, classifiers


This paper offers some observations on the meaning the Egyptians may have assigned to the name YHWA/YHA/YH, which is attested in lists of toponyms inscribed on temple walls dated to the time of the New Kingdom (1550-1069 BCE), and in a personal name of one owner of a Book of the Dead papyrus from around the same time. The paper examines the occurrences of names of Canaanite gods in Egyptian transcription, with special attention to orthography, through which it sheds new light on the Egyptian understanding of the name YHWA/YHA/YH.




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Signs of YHWH, God of the Hebrews, in New Kingdom Egypt?. (2022). Entangled Religions, 12(2).

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