Author Guidelines

How to Submit a Manuscript

Authors are asked to submit abstracts of 150-250 words to, indicating the geographic region, time period, and religions in contact they would like to cover and the theoretical perspective/analytical concept they would like to employ. Abstracts will be checked by our Editorial Team, a member of which will get in touch with the author to arrange for the submission of a full article.

To submit a paper, please send an e-mail ( with the name, affiliation, and e-mail address of the author(s). Please include the manuscript as an attachment (doc or docx and PDF file).

All articles are subject to double-blind peer review. Please make sure not to identify the author in the manuscript; also, please remove any information that would identify the author from the “properties” section of your Word or PDF file.


Authors are responsible for obtaining written reproduction permissions and the corresponding authorized files for any copyrighted material contained in their contribution. These written permissions must specify clearance by the copyright holder for the files in question for publication in Entangled Religions under the conditions governing publications in Entangled Religions. See our Open Access Policy and Copyright Notice for further information. Authors must obtain such permissions at their own expense. Authors are expected to submit copies of these permissions to Entangled Religions before publication.

Along with a proof, authors will be sent a publication agreement to be signed before publication of their contribution.

Author Identification

Authors may add a short biographical note to their manuscripts (max. 150 words). In case of publication, this text will be published alongside the abstract. Authors may also state their ORCID. It will be added to the metadata of the contribution upon publication.