Editorial Policies

Entangled Religions does not operate to fixed publication deadlines. Therefore, we offer our authors publication throughout the year. In case of positive initial peer review, contributions will usually be published within six months after submission. 

Entangled Religions is a platinum open access journal: We offer publication free of charge for authors and all contents are openly available to readers.

Section Policies

Submissions to the Articles section report original findings. They will be subject to double-blind peer review as outlined in our Peer Review Policy (see below). Articles contain an abstract (max. 150 words), a list of 3–8 keywords, and a references list. Articles typically contain at least 8,000 words and should not exceed 15,000 words.

Book reviews must be novel. The works reviewed should not be older than two years and their topics must relate to the journal’s scope of religious contact and transfer. Reviews should not be longer than 1,700 words.

The Miscellaneous section mainly publishes omnibus reviews on various publications and “extended reviews”, i.e. articles which expand the discussion of the reviewed works by relating their findings to further analytical aspects. The section is also open to a broad range of other forms, including workshop news and annotated presentation manuscripts. Miscellaneous contributions contain an abstract (max. 150 words), a list of 3–8 keywords, and a references list.

Please note that only contributions in fluent academic English will be accepted.

Peer Review Policy

The practice of peer review lies at the heart of good scholarly publishing and is essential to ensuring academic quality. Our referees play a vital role in maintaining the high standards of Entangled Religions. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed following the procedure outlined here.

Articles submitted to Entangled Religions will be subject to double-blind review by two qualified peer reviewers. Authors will receive their reviews and will be asked to submit a revised version of their article. After positive assessment of the revised version by the editorial board, articles will undergo editing and preparation for publication at the hands of the editorial staff of Entangled Religions. Authors will receive a finalized file of their contribution for approval before publication. Referees advise the editors, who alone are responsible for the final decision to accept or reject the article.

Book reviews will be assessed and edited by the editorial staff of Entangled Religions alone. Authors will receive a finalized version of their book review for approval before publication.

Miscellaneous contributions and Editorials of Special Issues are reviewed by the editorial board of Entangled Religions and may be edited by the editorial staff. Authors will receive a proof of their contribution for approval before publication.

Open Access Policy

Entangled Religions provides access free of charge to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

As of 1 November, 2018, PDFs of new contributions (articles, miscellaneous, book reviews, editorials etc.) will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC BY 4.0 International). The license can be accessed at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode.

Contributions published in Entangled Religions prior to 1 November, 2018 can also be accessed free of charge, but are subject to different terms and conditions in effect at the time of their publication. Contributions of this category can easily be identified by the copyright line in the footer of the PDF-file.

Please note that the rights to the logos contained in the PDFs of contributions to Entangled Religions are reserved by the logo's respective copyright holders.