How to Blind a Manuscript for Submission

Entangled Religions uses double-blind peer review, which requires that manuscripts be fully anonymized. If manuscripts contain any identifying information when they are submitted, they have to be corrected before they can be sent out for review. This slows down the reviewing process. To avoid delays, please follow these guidelines:

  • Remove all mentions of author name(s), institutional affiliations(s) and sources of funding from the paper (including page headers and footers, footnotes and acknowledgments)
  • Please avoid phrasing in which you refer to your own previously published work (for example, “elsewhere I have argued…”). If possible, refer to your own references in the third person. Avoid citing unpublished manuscripts.
  • Check that all identifiers have been removed from electronic files such as Microsoft Word documents (File → Information → Check for issues → Inspect Document)

Please note that inadequately blinded manuscripts will be returned to authors for further anonymizing.