Vol. 12 No. 3: Religion and Pandemic: Shifts in Interpretations, Popular Lore, and Practices

Photo by John Benitez on Unsplash.

Guest Editors: Alexander Agadjanian and Konrad Siekierski

Religions worldwide have been strongly affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The very fact of the pandemic, its emotional perception, as well as its medical, social, and political implications, required instant reactions from religious institutions and individual believers. These reactions related to changes in rituals, daily practices, and forms of communication; they caused the emergence of new myths, phobias, and protective strategies, and generated theological interpretations as well as new ethical choices.

In this special issue, the authors, using methods of various disciplines, address both intra-confessional and inter-religious dynamics with a special focus on interconnected, “entangled” responses to the crisis, in line with the focus of Entangled Religions.

(C) Photo by John Benitez on Unsplash.


Published: 2021-06-04

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