Vol. 8 (2019)

In this volume you will find no less than 11 articles and one book review. The articles cover a wide range of topics, such as traditions, religious identities, tolerance, memory and more.

Traditions can be dealt with in different ways, religious groups, and times: Islamic traditions can be understood as bodies of ideas or bodies of texts; the ‘Tangut ideology’ or ‘Tangut tradition’, although limited in its reconstruction, consists of multiple facets, one of which is examined here; traditions and roles of foundational religious texts change among Jews and Muslims in present-day London; how Buddhist tradition in Russian Trans-Baikal is constructed; the analysis of traditions of power and virtue and their dynamics in South Asia.

Other contributions deal with specific events such as religious conversion during the refugee crisis in Germany or dynamics and stability in the expansion of the Vineyard movement.

Published: 2019-03-06