The Jewish-Christian Polemics in the Sermons of R. Shaul Serero of Fes (1566–1655)

Michal Ohana


R. Shaul Serero (1566–1655) served as the chief rabbi of Fes during the first half
of the seventeenth century. Serero repeatedly devoted his annual sermons on the Sabbath
preceding Passover to clarifying various aspects of the concept of redemption, one of the
main subjects of the Jewish-Christian polemic. A review of these sermons reveals that Serero
found it necessary to examine and refute the Christian dogma on three separate occasions on
the Sabbath before Passover, in 1603, 1607, and 1611. Serero adopted and applied arguments from the traditional Sephardic polemics literature but adapted, edited, and expanded these arguments to shape the most appropriate argument.


R. Shaul Serero; Fes; Morocco; seventeenth century; Jewish-Christian Disputation; polemics literature; Jewish philosophy; sermons

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