Vol. 5 (2018)

In this full packed volume, we offer you seven diverse articles. Dealing with the topic of religious encounters and exchange, Stephen Berkwitz focuses on Asian Buddhists and European Christians in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Japan from the sixteenth century onwards, while Faris Zwirahn examines Christian-Muslim relations and religious dialogue in the early fourteenth century.

Thomas Jurcyk and Christoph Anderl study the use and role of images and text in an Armenian letter from the seventeenth century and through Buddhist “Auspicious Statues” during the later Tang and Five Dynasties period.

Other contributions of this volume investigate inter-religious encounters in modern societies: Evangelical encounters with Islam in Britain (Greg Smith), Buddhism in Russia’s politics and education in Buryatia (Ivan Sablin) and Christian Churches and Chapels in Japan (Beate Löffler).

Published: 2018-01-31